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Randolph High School Presents... 

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The mission of Randolph High School, with the combined support of 

parents/guardians, school committee, and the community, is to provide a safe 

learning environment where students can obtain the skills useful to become 

productive, creative, and caring members of a diverse society. While valuing 

differences in cultural backgrounds, needs, goals, and learning styles, the curriculum 

provides students with opportunities and challenges to grow socially, physically, and 

intellectually. Through a variety of learning activities and assessments, students are 

taught to recognize the value of education as a continuous process and to realize 

their responsibilities to each other and the larger community. 


JJ-^xinaitiaL WlLLLam -J. (^onaxd 

We, the class of 2008, proudly dedicate our yearbook, The Oracle, to William Conard, our principal. 
Before joining Randolph High, Mr. Conard was an active principal at Roberto Clemente High School in 
Chicago, IL, for nine years. He received his Masters degree in Teaching & Learning from DePaul 
University in Chicago, IL. He also received a Bachelors in English and Secondary Education, from 
Bridgewater State College. Mr. Conard recently earned his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in April 2008 
from DePaul University. With his many accomplishments, Mr. Conard had brought his knowledge to 
Randolph High School. 

His dedication to Randolph High School is greatly exemplified through the improvements he has brought 
to RHS during a very difficult time. Mr. Conard has only been with us for a short two years, yet he has 
brought forth so much joy throughout the school. His interaction with the faculty and students is something 
out of the ordinary. Unlike many other principals, Mr. Conard makes an effort to show everyone at our 
school his humorous side. The class of 2008 will never forget the comedic speech he made about 
"brushing your teeth." The faculty at the high school has expressed that he is a kind, sincere, dedicated, 
person to whom others can relate." He is "Approachable and easy to get along with." He is involved with 
the students' lives and cares about every one of us. 

Mr. Conard always gives recognition for a job well done. He takes the time to meet with all students, 
whether it is in the cafeteria, the corridors, or at our meetings. He most enjoys meeting us in our 
classrooms. It is for these reasons, that we, the senior class, dedicate our yearbook to 
Mr. Conard. 

Mr. Conard, We honestly couldn't have done it without you. We all hope to make you proud! 





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1)Jessica Baldeck 2)Edouard Beaupin 
3)Shauna Bowden 

4)Jonalyn Bradshaw 5)Alicia Brand 6)Tania 
Bredy 7)John Brophy 8) Lafield Centeio 
9)Jovanica Champagne 10)Jennifer Charles 
11)Hazel Cheng 12)Tahina Chery 13) 
Cachet Chesson 14)Chakela Crawford 15) 
Ashley Dacuycuy 16)Jeffrey David 
17)Connie Deng 18)Medita Dominique 
19)Daphnee Dube 20) Marsophia Ducheine 
21)Duna Dumel 22)Jamie El Saieh 23)Emily 
Aronson 24) Janelle Engerman 25)Julie 
Felix 26)Julie Fixsen 27)Shelby Freeman 
28)Ketia Georges 29)Nathan Green 
30)D'Jenane Griswold 31)Darielle 
Grossman 32)Meg Hehesy 33)Regina 
Hunter 34)Vanessa Hunter 35)Rob Israel 
36)Keisha Johnson 37)Monique Johnson 
38)Renea Johnson 39)Katasi Kajubi 
40)Alyson Lai 41)Kamilah Land 42)Kendra 
Lee 43)Allison Levesque 44)Ashley Lindsay 
45)Phil Louis 46)Darryl Madrigal 47)Sarah 
Marshall 48)Kelly Martin 49)Ankita Mehta 
50)Pamela Migalska 51)Catherine Morrill 
52)Sasiya Neal 53)Jennifer Nguyen 
54)Tuan Nguyen 55)Vicky Nguyen 
56)Richard Nwaobasi 57)Angela Ojastro 58) 
Eric Onyechefule 59)Kiki Perryman 
60)Nguyen Pham 61)Celia Pires 
62)Kristiana Rampersad 63)Vicky Rateau 
64)Kapriskie Seide 65)Shanna Miller 
66)Mikhail Sooknan 67)Jessica Thompson 
68)Randy Weiner 69)Fiona Wong 70)Ben 
Smith 71)April & Walesha Duval 72)Lindsay 
Murley 73) Lisa Afonso 

\ja±t joxojaxd 

<££a%A, ofLJn& lju£wi&... 


Class of 2008 

Svnthia Adonis 

"Rudy Huxtable" "Synth" 
Class Council: 10. 11. 12 
Student Council: 10 
Peer Leadership: 10, 11. 12 
Peer Mediation: 11.12 
Powderpuff: 1 1 

My favorite memory has to be the 
Senior Rally because it was well 
coordinated . and the Seniors came 
together as a whole to plan it. 

Quote:"Hold on to dreams, for dreams 
are like a winged-bird that cannot fly." 
-Langston Hughes 

Lisa Afonso 

"Weirdo" "Alien" 

Softball: 10 

My favorite memory was the last day 
of Junior year, when my friends and I 
went to Six Flags. 

"You only think I'm weird because I'm 
not afraid to be myself." 

Edberg Andre 

Football: 9. 10.11.12 
Track: 10 
Wrestling: 9 

My favorite memory was when I 
played in my first Varsity Football 

"Get It Done!" 

Emily Aronson 

Andrew Alien 

"Ace-Da-Incredible" "Ace" 
African American Club 

My favorite memories are when Ms. 
Speede tripped and fell at the Senior 
Rally, and when my brother and I 
performed at the fashion show 

Marcus Amilcar 

SALS: 10 

Varsity Soccer: 9, 10, 11. 12 
Student Council: 12 
MVP: 10. 11 

My favorite memory was when we beat 
Hingham in Varsity Soccer Senior year 

Jessica Baldeck 

Student Council: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Class Council:9. 10. 11. 12 
French Club: 9 
Peer Mediation: 10. 11. 12 
Drama Club: 10, 11. 12 
National Honor Society 10. 11,12 
My favorite memory was the day Mr. 
Kachinsky ran full speed out of the 
classroom to chase a kid down the hall, 
and Senior Freak Week. 
"Success is not the key to happiness. 
Happiness is the key to success. If you 
love what you are doing, you will be 

Taina Barthelemy 

"Nanie" "Nan-whine" 

Chorus: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Softball: 10. 11 
Dance: 9 

My favorite memories are Semi. Jr. 
Prom. Six Flags, and High School 

"In three words I can sum up 
everything i've learned about life: it 
goes on." 

-Robert Frost 


Class of 2008 

Edouard Beaupin 

Football: 9, 10, 1 1 
Yearbook Club: 12 
Business Club: 10 
Peer Leadership: 12 

"Enjoy high school every day because 
it will be done before you know it." 

Shauna Bowden-Leaphart 

Track & Field: 10 
Cheerleading: 11,12 
Peer Mediators: 11,12 
Powderpuff: 11, 12 

Too many favorite memories to 
choose just one. 

"Life is too short to waste a day 

Samuel Bellanton 

"Sam Bam" 
Football in 06' 

My favorite memory was the Pep Rally 
in 07' 

"It is what it is, if it wasn't what it was, 
what would it be?" 

Jonalvn Bradshaw 

African-American Club: 1 1 
Spanish Club: 9 

My favorite memories are the 2008 
Senior Pep Rally and the Junior class 
trip to Six Flags. 

"Do it up."- Rennie Gold 

"Whatever you want to do. do it there 
are only so many tomorrows." 

Rachael Benson 

Peer Leadership 10. 1 1 

Drama Club 10, 11. 

Swim Team 9, 10, 11- Captain 12 

My favorite memory is that of the 
Swim Team winning its first meet in 
years, against Silverlake in 1 1th grade. 

"And were an epitaph to be my tale. I 
would have a short one ready, for my 
own. I would have written of me on my 
stone: I had a lover's quarrel with the 

- Robert Frost 

Alicia Brand 

"White Girl" 
Cross country: 9 
Track & Field: 9. 10 
Soccer: 10, 11. 12 
Powderpuff: 11. 12 

My favorite memory is Senior Freak 

"Live every second like it was your 

Louis Bloom 

Cross Country: 10, 11, 12 

Track: 9, 10. 11. 12 

Student Council: 9. 10. 11. 12 

National Honor Society: 10. 11,12 

Jazz Band: 11,12 

Soccer: 9 

Math Team: 9, 11, 12 

S.A.L.S: 9,10 

The Rally at the end of Senior Freak 

Week is my favorite memory. 

"Neither a wise man nor a brave man 

lies down on the tracks of history to 

wait for the train of the future to run 

over him." 

- Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Tania Bredv 

Dance: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Chorus: 9. 10. 11. 12 
A Capella: 12 

My favorite memory is the Junior Class 
trip to Six Flags 

"Courage is the most important of all 
virtues, because without courage you 
can't practice any other virtue 
consistently. You can practice any 
virtue erratically, but nothing 
consistently without courage." 
-Maya Angelou 


Class of 2008 

John Brophy 

"brophy" "JBro" 
SALS: 9. 10 

National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12 
Varsity Hockey: 10 
Student Council: 12 

vly favorite memory was Senior Freak 
vVeek, and hanging out with my 
"riends. Shoutout to Old Dolla $ 

'He who fears being conquered is sure 
jf defeat." 

-Napoleon Bonaparte 

Michelle Byron 

^eer Leadership: 12 

vly favorite memory was Mrs. Vogel's 
plass. The class took part in a cultural 
)arty. and we were learning how to 
lance to other cultural music. 

' I can do all things through Christ." 

Selena Chaney 

Jennifer Charles 

"J" "Jen" 
African American Club 
Spanish Club 
Hip Hop Club 
Yearbook Club 

"You can make your life anything you 
wish. Create your life and go out and 
live it." 


Hazel Cheng 

Asian club 
Swim Team 
Peer Mediation 
Best Buddies 
Class Council 

Environmental Club 
My favorite memory is Junior Prom, 
and the after party! Tripod: Ashley, 
me. and Amy. 

"What's meant to be will always find 
it's way." 

Mark Chandoo 

Wrestling: 1 1 , Co-Captain 12 
'eer Mediation: 12 
earbookClub: 12 
outh Asian Club; 11. 12 
ootball: 9 

ly favorite memory is Senior Freak 

Pain is just weakness leaving the 


\ 0? ! 


' ,) J 



Tahina Chery 

Class of 2008 

Cachet Chesson 

"Shay" Trackstar" 
African American Club: 9 
Best Buddies: 9- Secretary 
Class Council: 12 
Yearbook Committee: 1 2 
Basketball: 9, 10 
Powderpuff: 11.12 
Winter Track: 11.12 
Spring Track: 9, 10. 11.12 

"Act as if it were impossible to fail. 
-Dorothea Brande 

Robert Costa 

Norbert Chu 

"Chu Chu Train" 
Asian Club: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Environmental: Club 9. 10. 11. 12 
Swim Team: 10, 11, 12 
Tennis Team: 9. 10. 11. 12 
National Honor Society: 11.12 

My favorite memory was being on the 
RHS Swim Team and Tennis Team 

"If you have built castles in the air. 
your work need not be lost. That is 
where they should be. Now put the 
foundation under them." 

- Henrv David Thoreau 

Randy Clerveaux 

Michael Collins 

"Mike" "Collins" 
Football: 11. 12 -Captain 
Wrestling: 11. 12- Captain 
Track & Field: 9. 10. 11. 12 

My favorite memory is when we beat 
West Roxbury in Football 

"Pain is weakness leaving the body." 

Chakela Crawford 

"Run KMC "Chakiki 
African American Club: 9 
Spanish Club: 10 
Dance Team: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Powderpuff: 1 2 
Softball: 10 

My favorite memories are: the Rallies. 
Powderpuff. Fashion show. Basketball' 
games. Talent show. Six Flags. 
Proms/Semi. Softball, and the run 
KMC songs. 
"that's juicy" 

Alexia Cree-Bates 

Chorus: 9, 10. 1!. 12 
Drama Club: 9. 10 
Student Council: 9. 10 
Class Council: 9. 10. 11. 12 
A Cappella. Show Choir: 11.12 

My favorite memory is my lunch table 
Senior year. We have so many great 
conversations and I love being with my 
friends even day. 

"Turn your face to the sunshine and all 
shadows fall behind." 
- Helen Keller 

Ashley Dacuycuy 

Swim Team: 1 1 
Softball: 10 
Best Buddies: 1 1 
Drama Club: 1 1 
ART Club: 10. 11 
Environmental Club: 9. 10 

My favorite memory is Junior Prom 
and the after partv . 
"rripod'-Hazel. Ashley, Amy 

"what soes around, comes around." 


Class of 2008 

Jeffrey David 

Turtle" "Jupiter" 
vly favorite memory is the Junior Class 
rip to Six Flags. 

I guess, ""Gas you" 

Connie Deng 

tao tao con con 

'\sian Club: 9. 10, 11, 12 
Drama Club: 10. 11 
jay-Straight Alliance: 9. 10, 11 
Student Council: 10. 11, 12 
:iass Council: 10. 11. 12 

Kly favorite memory is pho with the 

The mind is like a parachute, it works 
>est when open." 

-Dalai Lama 

David Desir 

Vrestling: 9 
: ootball:9. 10. 11. 12 

rack & Field 

h favorite memory is becoming the 
aptain of the Football team my Senior 

Treat others the way you would want 
) be treated." 

Maxwell Dolgin 

" Max" 
asketball:9. 10. 11. 12 
occer: 11 
botball: 10 
>aseball:9. 10, 11. 12 
tudent Council: 12 

ly favorite memory is Junior prom 

Don't let the fear of striking out. keep 
ou from stepping up to the plate." 
-Babe Ruth 

Medita Dominique 

"Meditz ', "Dita Poo" 
French Club: 9 

Softball: 9, 10, 11 -Captain 11 
Yearbook Club: 12 
S.A.D.D: 12 

Rallies '07 & '08, Junior Prom. Softball 
games, different cravings, lies;lies:lies. 
"You should've known better", re with 
Jen and Tia. meeting my friends! 

"Thank You For Loving Me" 
MJT "You jump, I jump!". 

Reggie Dorvilus 

"Reginald" "Reg""Cool boy Reggie" 

Football: 9 

Asian Club. African-American Club. 
Spanish Club. Class Council 
Student Council. Drama. Mock Trial. 
Yearbook Club. Senior Video. 
Amnesty International, and S-BAD 
Favorite Memory: Meeting new friends 
having new experiences as a whole. 
These past 4 years have been the best 
of my life. 

" My greatest enemy is the inner me. 
So nobody will get in my way of 

Daphnee Dube 

"Daph" "Dube" 
Basketball: 9 
Soccer: 11 
Step squad: 10. 1 1 
African-American Club: 10. 11 
Peer Leadership: 11,12 
Class Council: 12 
Yearbook Committee: 12 
"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go. instead, where there is no 
path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Keep it real, and always represent. 
Much love to my seniors I'm OFF! 

Marsophia Ducheine 


Leaders of Tomorrow 
Yearbook Committee: 
Math Team: 12 


My favorite memory is my last day 
with my school mates at BHS - best 
school in Boston. 

"Risk is an opportunity not yet 

-J.S. Merlain 


Class of 2008 

Duna Dumel 

"Dunes" "Dunebuggv 
French Club: 9. 10 
Yearbook Club: 12 
Softball: 1 1 

My favorite memories are the rallies. 
talking to my GG3 and hanging with 
mv home skillett biscuits" 

Jk...but not really " 
"Why be the same when, you can be 


Janelle Engerman 

April Duval 

Queen Maria" 
Dance Team: 9. 10. 11 
Spanish Club 
Gymnastics: 9 
Track & Field 

My favorite memory was The Senior 
Pep Rally 2007 when Ms. Speede fell 
and Mr. Conard got a pie to the face. 

"Let me be me and I'll let you be you!" 

Sean Every 

Cross Country: 10. 11. 12 

SALS: 9. 10 

Jazz Band: 11.12 

Student Council: 12 

.Asian Club: 10. 11. 12 

Track 9. 10. 11. 12 

Tennis: 1 1 

Drama Club: 10 


Math Team: 10. 1. 1 

Robotics Club: 11.12 

School Committee Represeniat 

orite memory is Senior Freak Week and the I 

" The work goes on. the cause endures, the hope sti. 
nd the dreams shall never die 
- E Kenned\ 

Walesha Duval 

Wawa" Wing Wing" 
Softball: 10 

Dance Club: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Powerpuff: 11 

My favorite memorv in Randolph High 
is making friends, and when I 
performed at the rally. 

"When you try hard and you fail you 
still come out a w inner cause you tried 
your hardest. 


Jessica Fixsen 

Class President: 9 

Mock Trial. Class Council. Student C 
Member. Student Council Executive BoarrJJ 
Student Council Vice Pres. Student Advisotj 
Council. French Club. Drama Club. 
Shakespeare Ensemble. National Honor 
Society. Peer Mediation. 

Mj favorite memory is Green <fc Pink 
not? Chill. Have you read Girl with the 
green ribbon around her neck 1 1 think the 
scarfs like that... Button? Group up! 

Li\e to the point of tears." -Albert Camus 

Jamie El Saieh 

"Jai". "James". "Jamester' . 


M\ favorite memorv « a> m\ 18th 
birthday because I had so much fun 
that day with m\ best friend in Florida. 
Also, the da\ m\ niece was born. It 
was one of the happiest davs of my 

"We re the best at being the worst." 

Monique Foster 

Environmental Club: 10. 1 1 
Swim Team: 10. 11. 12 
GSA:9. 10. 11 
Cross Country: 12 
Drama Club: 10 

"You came at me. My favorite 
memory is w inning the first Swim 
Team meet Junior year. 

" It is common sense to take a method 
and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly 
and try another. But above it all. try 
something. -Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Class of 2008 

Shelby Freeman 

panish Club: 9-11 
j frican American Club: 9 
I'ance Team: 9.1 1 
I ross Country: 1 1 

ly favorite memory was skip day and 
^OP after Junior Prom. 

Life without love is a dark & lonely 
)ad I hope I never have to travel. For 
us I cherish my friends, who through 
all, have been right beside me." 

Jennifer Fuller 

Ken Gomes 

Cross County: 11,12 
Spring Track: 10,12 
Winter Track: 1 1 
Environmental Club: 11.12 
Asian Club: 12 

My favorite memory is Ms. Speede 
tripping during the Rally. 

" Wisdom is not having intelligence it's 
knowing how to use it." 

Winifred Gong 

Cross Country: 11,12 
Environmental Club: 9. 10. 11, 12 
Spring Track: 10, 1 1 
Math Team: 9. 10. 11. 12 
SALS: 9 
Drama Club 

Favorite Memory: In 2005. we had a 
snow storm that cancelled school for a 
week. :) 

" Things do not change: we change. 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Derek Galsband 

/restling: 9 

ly favorite memory is skipping school 
do more fun things with my time. 

Don't do anything by half. If you love 
)meone, love them with all your soul, 
.'hen you go to work, work your butt 
ff. When you hate someone, hate them 
ntil it hurts." 

- Henry Rollins 

Nathan Green 


Winter Track 
Drama Club 

My favorite memory is Freshman year 
in Mrs. Prashad's English class with 
Cameron Kelly and Robert Costa. 

"Plans are only good intentions unless 
they degenerate into hardwork." 
-Peter Drucker 


Ketia Georges 

"Tia" "Ketchup" 
oftball: 9,10,1 1,12 
earbook Club: 12 

ly favorite memories are Semi. Junior 
rom. forming Mejentia. winning my 
rst Softball game, green table 1 1 , 
.Iking to my GG3. and my whole high 
:hool career. 

uote:"Love with all your heart. Laugh 
it hurts. Live like tomorrow will be 
our last." 


Live fast, die pretty." 
[JT "You jump I jump." "You cry I 

Ieysha Griffith 

Class of 2008 

D'Jenane Griswold 

Truongan Ho 

Darielle Grossman 


Varsity Swim Team: 9. 10. 11. 12- Captain 

National Honor Society: 10. 11. 12- President 

Student Council: 9. 10,11,12 

Cla-- Council: 9. 10. 11. 12 

Peer Mediation: 10. 11. 12 

Drama Club: 10. 11. 12 

School Impro\ement Council: 10. II. 12 

SALS: 9. 10 

Mock Trial Team: 9 

M> favorite memory is Mr Kachinsk> running down 
the hall chasing after a student. 
Quoie: The ultimate measure of a man is not where 
he stands in moments of comfort, but where he 
stands at times of challei j 

-Martin L. King Jr. 

Jennifer Hui 

Asian Club: 10 
Gay Straight Alliance: 1 1 
Drama Club: 1 1 
Student Council: 11. 12 

My favorite memory is phoing w/ Fab« 

" The onh thing that matters, is just 
following your heart. Eventually youl 
finally get it right. 

-The Ataris 

Margaret Hahesy 

Vanessa Hunter 


African American Club: 9 
Band: 9. 10. 11 
M\ favorite memories: Junior Prom &\ 
Semi. Sr. Rally & Freak Week. 
Freshman field day. Mr. Adeyemi's 
class Junior year, and Duna falling 
through the door. 

" I don't feel I made any sacrifices at ' 
all. I'm doing my best to juggle 
every Thing but I don't think about my 
previous success. You have to love 
what you do to want to do it even Jay. 


Rodney Hill 

Le Huvnh 

Football: 11. 12 
Baseball: 10. 11. 12 

Track: 10 

My favorite memory is winning the 
homecoming game against West 
Roxbury . Hard wade pay s off. We 
finally won a game. 15-12 

" That s what I do! That s what I do! 
Thats what I do! cheah. Ay baybav 
don't w ateh me watch t\ ." 

Class of 2008 

Imoinyang Inyang 


Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you 
and on clouds" 

Monique Johnson 

Track & Field 

M\ favorite memories are: The Rallies. 
Prom. Freak Week. Chemisty Class. The 
College Fairs. Singing down the hallways, 
and Renea falling in the hallway tw ice in a 

"What doesn't break you makes you stronger 
even when people hate on you. They make 
your life better because it's letting you know 
that all \ ou need to do is show them that your 
bigger and stonger. Life for you w ill be 
successful. So walk with \our head high and 
never look down. 

Michael Irby 

"Irby" "Mace-da-Grent" 

football: 9,10,11,12 

Basketball: 9 

Never let anyone stop you 08 all day. 

Kaniesha Johnson-Palmer 

Robert Israel 

"Rob" "Rizz> 
ioccer: 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2- Captain- 11,12 
Baseball: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Basketball: 9 
Jockey: 10 

tudent Council: 9. 10. 11. 12 
:oncert Band: 9. 10. 11 
>1\ favorite memory is Senior Freak 
Veek. and the Rally. 
No lie just know I chose my own fate, 
drove by the fork in the road and went 
traight." -JayZ 
houtout to Old DollaS and friends. 

Anthony Jones 

Keisha Johnson 

["rack & Field 


tudent Council 

lass Council 

lational Honor Society 

eer Leadership 

Ay favorite memory is the 
-lomecoming Rally 2007. 

A winner is someone who recognizes 
lis God-given talents, works his tail off 
o develop them into skills and uses 
hese skills to accomplish his goals." 

Cidalia Jones 

"C.J." "CEEJ" "Jizzle" 
Chorus: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Dance Squad: 9. 10. 11 
Acapella: 12 
African American Club: 9 

All the Pep Rallies were fun. but high 
school in general, is my favorite 

"Those who create are rare: those who 
cannot are numerous. Therefore, the 
latter are stronger." -Coco Chanel 


Class of 2008 

Katasi Kajubi 

"katasi gurl" 

African American: 9. 10 
Student Council: 9. 10 
Dance Team: 9. 10. 11. 12 

My favorite memories are: Six Flags. 
Junior Prom. Semi, chilling with the 
squad. Rally 08. Freak Week, lunch 
with the girls, my love: keandrea. 

"I came. I saw. I conquered!! 
- unknown 

Alyson Lai 

A>ian Club : 9. 10,11,12 

Drama Club: 10 

Class Council: 10. 11. 12 

Swim Team: 9. 10. 11. 12 

Cheerleading: 12 

Student Council: 10. 11. 12 

Ga\ Straight Alliance: 10 

Band: 9. 10 

Favorite Memory: Mj whole high 
school experience 

Eric Kanopkin 

Cross Country 
Track & Field 
Math Team 
Robotics Club 
National Honor Society 

My favorite memory was when we 
visited the MIT Nuclear Reactor in Mr. 
Kondroad's Head Start Physics Class. 

"Only a life lived for others is a life 
worth while." 

- Albert Einstein 

Kamilah Land 

Basketball: 9. 10,11,12 

Soccer: 11.12 


Class Council 

Best Buddies 

National Honor Society 


Peer Leadership: 11.12 

My favorite memory is when I co- 
hosted the Senior Rally with Keisha. 

It doesn't matter how many times \ol 
fall just as long as you pick yourself 

Cameron Kelly 

Hoa Le 


Tennis: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Asian Club: 9. 10. 11. 12 
French Club: 9 
Football: 1 1 

My favorite memory is the Senior Rail 
and Freak Week. 

There are no perfect men. only perfect) 

- unknown 

Hiba Khan 

■ Hibz "Hibby" ' Hibizzle' Hibster 
Peer Leadership: 12 
Peer Mediation: 10.11.12 
MVP: 11.12 
Volleyball: 9 
Tennis: 10.12 
Drama Club: 9.10 
Asian Club: 9.10 
South Asian Club 10. 11 
Class Council 
Senior Class Treasurer 

My favorite memory is the first Senior Rallv- 
Oct. 2007. Freak Week-Oct. 2007. 
A smile is the only crooked line that makes 
your life straight." 

Kendra Lee 

"Ken K;r Kennie" 
Class Council: 10.11.12 

- Club: 9 
Cheerleading: 1 1 
P twwka t irir. il 

My favorite memory is Senior Freak V . 
Senior Rallv . Cheerleading. and Six Flags 

"Life is about trusting your feelings taking 
chances, losing & finding happir t 
Appreciating the memory ft earning from 
the pain & realizing that people 2L m • 
change. Surround yourself with people who 
will lift you hieher." 


Class of 2008 

Allison Levesque 


lass Council 9, 10. II- VP: 10 
itudent Council: 9. 10, 1 1. 12- Pres. Varsity 
Vinter Track 9. 10 

arsitv Soccer: 9. 10. 1 1. 12 Cpt.-12. Varsity 
•pring Track: 9. 10, 11, 12 

Ay favorite memory is everyone in the 
chool doing the wave while we were outside 
>n the bleachers. 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and 
ook around once in a while, you could miss 

- Ferris Buellers Day Off. 

Anthony Lydon 

"Tons" "Papa T" 

Varsity Hockey 9, 10 
Junior Varsity Soccer: 9 

My favorite memory is. even' lime I was 
with my friends and famih . 

"This world is only filled with ignorance, we 
all turn a blind eye. you say that we make no 
difference speak for yourself, we'll give it 
one more try." 

- A Loss for Words 

Sonny Liang 

Bobby Madrey 

My favorite memory is the snow days. 

Ashley Lindsay 

kfrican American Club: 9. 10. 11 

'eer Leadership: 10. 11. 12 

!ommunications Club: 12 

1VP: 1 1 

ecretary of Class: 11,12 

tudent Council 

HS Dance Squad: 9, 10. 1 1 -President 

1y favorite memory is the Senior rallv 

You can't depend on anyone else 
xcept yourself for happiness." 

- unknown 

Phillip Louis 

hessClub: 10 
tudent Council 
lass Council: 1 1 
|1VP: 10 
frican American Club: 1 1 

ly favorite memory is Senior freak 
eek/Homecoming Rally Oct. 2007. 

Success is a misstep in the right 

- unknown 

Darryl Madrigal 

Asian 9.1 1.12. 
ART 9- 12. 
Math Team 11,12. 
Environmental Club 9-12. 
Drama 10,11. 
Tutor 11.12. 

My favorite memories are: SBAD and Old 
DollaS rap battles, and Freak week. 

"The road of success is not straight, there 
is a curve called failure, a loop called 
confessions, speed bumps friends, red 
lights enemies, caution signs family, flats 
called jobs, but if you have spares called 
determination, you will make it to a place 
called success." 

Sarah Marshall 

"Cliff "Sarrie" 
Yearbook Club: 12 

My favorite memories are: the Senior 
rally 2007. Swimming in Summer. 
Throw some d's on dat! Algebra trash. 
Soulja Boy! 

Thanx Mom Dad Jill Papa Shadow 
Shayda N Binx. Plus Aunty Kelly 
Uncle Sandy, Tyler & Erica. Chloe. 
Rufus, Love you guys! 

" What ever doesn't kill you, only 
makes you stronger." 

Class of 2008 

Kelly Martin 

"Kell Belle" 
Drama Club 
Mock Trial 
Best Buddies 
National Honor Societj 
Shakespeare Ensemble 

My favorite memory is being on the 
front page of the Patriot Ledger. 

"Never let the fear of striking out keep 
you from playing the game." 

Daniel Mc Gurk 

Environmental Club: 10 

My favorite memory is Mr. Kaplan's 
"Over the top" reenactment. 
Homecoming Rally. 

"In case I don't see ya. good afternoon, 
good evening, and goodnight." 

-Jim Carey (The Truman Show). 

Jadney Melon 


My favorite memory is Shirt & Tie 
U'reSh Wednesday s ) 

This particular be ONE of ONE 
That means none before it. and none u 


Jose Mendes 


My favorite memory is Six Rags » ith 
the squad. Bloop squad. My dude 

Matthew Mc Leod 


Yalin Merard 

Don Merard 
My favorite memory is the Junior Trip 
planned by Prince (Six Flags) 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are 
inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we 
are powerful beyond measure. It's our 
light not our darkness that most 
frighten us ." 

- Nelson Mandela 
(Not Coach Carter) 

Ankita Mehta 

National Honor Society: 10. 11.12 
Em ironmental Club 
Literary Magazine 
Amnesty International Club 
Drama Club 

Peer Leadership: 10 
Math Team: 9 
South Asian Club 

My favorite memory is Senior freak week. 
Randy Awards 2007. National Honor Society 
Induction Ceremony. AP Biology Class, and 

Pamela Migalska 

Student Council. 
Class Council. 
Peer Mediation. 
Drama Club. 

M> favorite memories: From Freshman field day. to 
all the Semi's & Proms! 9th grade Class Council, 
ideas (green&pink) and all the STUCO events: Mr. 
Kachinsky running out of the class. Ms. Lellock 
climbing out the window . 

Success: to laugh often and much, to win respect of' 
intelligent people and the affection of children to 
earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the 
betrayal of false friends." 

- unknown 


Shanna Miller 

' Nieeyez" 
rack & Field 
eer Mediation 

1y favorite memory is the Pep Rall> when the 
eniors danced to thriller. 

I'm that star up in the sky. I'm thai mountain peak 
high, hey I made it. I'm the worlds greatest. ..our 
reatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our 
reatest fear is that we are powerful beyond all 

- unknown 

Class of 2008 

Lindsay Murley 

Softball 9. 10 

My favorite memories are Ms. Ciccetti's 
per.6 Biology class Sophomore year, all the 
Rallies, and Senior Freak Week. 

"Nobody can go back and start a new 
beginning, but anyone can start today and 
make a new ending." 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if 
you'll die tomorrow." 

Catherine Morrill 

occer Varsity 9-12. Cpt. 1 2. 
asketball J V: 9.10. 
arsity 1 1.12. Cpt. 12. 
ioftball Varsity 9-12. Cpt. 12. 
owderpuff 11,12. 

ly favorite memories are the Six Flags, Senior 
reak Week. Prom and Semi!! Meeting my best 

I think it's important to believe that you can do 
lything you want, because you never know when 
3ur dreams will come true." 

- Lauren Conrad (The Hills) 

Bev-Anne Morris 

Gregory Murphy 

Irish Dance. 

National Honor Society: 10, 11. 12. 
Treasurer '11, 12 
Student Council: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Class Council: , 10, 1 1, 12 Treasurer: 1 1 
SALS: 9. 10, 

My favorite memoriy is"Folic Acid" "That's 
what she said" "You came at me" friends. 

"A life spent making mistakes is not only 
more honorable but more useful than a life 
spent doing something." 

-George Bernard Shaw 

Ashley Murray 

• "ashley-kins" 

My favorite memories: Rallies, and the 
Freshman Homecoming Dance. 

"Doing the wrong thing for a right 
reason is still doing a wrong thing." 

- unknown 

Luis Murillo 

Sasiya Neal 


Cheerleading: ll.capt. 12 
Spring Track: 10 

Powderpuff Football 2 years-Captain 
my Senior Year, 

My favorite memories are: Prom, 
rallies, football & basketball games, 
Powderpuff, Cheerleading bonding 
nights, and Senior freak week. 

"Really Le really? huh Le really 

Class of 2008 

Jennifer Nguyen 

"Jenn" "Jennie Woo Tang", "Jenni" 

Softball: 10 
Asian Club 

My favorite memories are Senior Freak 
Week, Pep Rally, Softball Team and 
my coaches, Mejentia Balloons, eating 
tacos with Sarah. 

Quote:"Live fast, die pretty." 
"Friendship is like peeing your pants, 
everyone can see it, but only you can 
feel the warmth." 
MJT for life ! "You jump, I jump." 

Julie Nguyen 

Senior Video 

My favorite memory is the blizzard of 

"We all take different paths in life, but 
no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere." 

- unknown 


Richard Nwaobasi 

Baseball 9. 
Drama Club 11-12. 
Student Council 11-12. 
Class Council 11-12. 
Robotics Club 11-12. 
Math Club 11-12. 
Mock Tail 1 1 . 
Newspaper Club 9-10. 
SBAD 11-12. 

My favorite memories are Senior freak weo 
& rally day Oct. 2007. 

Quote: "In order to succeed, one's desire to 
succeed must be greater than one's fear of 
failure," - Bill Cosby 

Sabrina O'Garro 

African American Club: 9 
Dance Team: 9. 10, 11, 12 
Chorus: 9. 10. 11. 12 
Accapella: 12 
Powderpuff: 1 1 
My favorite memories are Junior Prom 
& fashion show. 

Quote:"We are what we repeatedly do, 
therefore, excellence is not an act but a 

Tuan Nguyen 

12. Officer 11.12. 


Asian Club 9, 10. 11, 
Wrestling: 9,1 1,12 
Cross Country :9,11 
Tennis: 9 

My favorite memory is Beach parties 
during the summer with all my friends. 

"Friendship is like peeing your pants, 
everyone can see it but only you can 
feel the warmth." 

Vicky Nguyen 

Asian Club 9- 12. Officer. 
Environmental Club 9-12. Co-president. 
Swim Team 9-11. 
Varsity. Tennis 11,12. 
Peer Leadership 10,12. 
Peer Mediation 12. 

Amnesty International 9,10. 
Drama Club 10. 
SALS 9,10. 

My favoirte memorus is girls Swim Team 
victory against Silverlake '07. 

Quote:" It does not matter how slow you go. 
so long as you do not stop." 

Angela Ojastro 

"Giela" "Gee" 
Asian Club 9-12. Asian Club Officer 

Drama Club 10 
MVP: 10 

Swim Team: 11. 12 
ART: 9. 10. 11 
Student Council: 10. 11. 12 
Class Council: 10. 11. 12 

My favorite memory is everything-the 
whole high school experience. 

Quote:" Make mistakes, learn from 
them. & grow." 

Eric Onvechefule 

JV Basketball 9-11. 
Varsity 12 
Baseball: 10 

My favoite memories are all the rallies. 


Class of 2008 

Victoria Parker 

"Tori" "Viixx" 
janish Club 

hoir. Accapella, Devilettes, 

rack & Field 

y favorite memories are Senior 
ally. Basketball games. Fashion 
ow, Talent show. 

uote:"When God shuts a door, he 
)ens a window." 

Celia Pires 

African American Club 
Volleyball Club 

My favorite memories are my summer 
vacation in Cape Verde with my 
mother and family. 

Quote: "Never let the fear of striking 
out keep you from playing the game." 

Avani Patel 

Devaki Perryman 

)ring Track & Field 
:er Leadership 
>wderpuff Football 
nior Video 

y favorite memories are Jr. Prom, 
>otball games. Rallies, Senior Freak 
eek. Powderpuff Football & too 
any more to mention. 

jote: "Always & forever- Live, 
tush. Love. 

Stephanie Polynice 

"Stephy P." 
Cheerleading 1 1 . Captain 1 2 
Peer Mediation 12 
Dance Team 1 1 

My favorite memories are as a peer 
mediator/leader being able to impact other 
young girls lives through my personal 
mistakes and experiences. 

Quote: "Look forward to the future and don't 
let the past hold you back." "Keep yourself 
motivated and don't let happiness be 
something you lack." " Now as we grow, we 
realize life is a reality it's no longer like a 

Nguyen Pham 


ian Club: 9-12. Jr. Officer 10, Officer 1 1 
jdent Council: 9-12. 
immunity Service Chair: 10. Publicity 
tordinator: 1 1. Recording Secretary: 12 
ly Straight Alliance: 10-1 1 
ccer 1 1-12. 
im Manager: 10. 
er Leadership: 10-12 
er Mediation: 10-12 
ass Council: 9-12 
ass Rep: 1 1 
kDD: 11 

/ favorite memory is Pho 'ing with Fab 5 
ote:"Life is what you make it to be." 


Class of 2008 

Kristiana Rampersad 


''■'■ s ^'> ^rt-ntrt 

'Kriti" "Krusty Ana" 

Asian Club 
Dance Team 
Class Council. 

My favorite memories are pep rally, 
and definitely senior freak week, can't forget! 
that week was just crazy! :) 

Quote:"Laughter is the key to one's soul. 
Whether big or small, laughter creates a 
smile and happiness in all." "Never give up. 
With great determination, perseverance and a 
drive to succeed, you can achieve all of your 
hopes, wishes, and dreams. 

Crystal Rankin 

Mkada Robinson 


My favorite memory is playing Soltb 

Quote: "Let the choices we make toda- 
be the choices we can live with 
tomorrow. Learn from the past. Ii\e i < 
the present, plan for the future. 

Elizabeth Rock 

"E-Rock" "Liz" 
Basketball 9-11 
Played AAU 
Peer Leadership 

My favorite memory is my whole hig) 
school experience was a good memor* 
Ms. Mahoney's after school "Girl 
Talks". meeting Sarah 

Quote:"Live life to the fullest, stay tru 
to yourself and don't ever let anyone 
put you down." 

Vicky Rateau 

ART 10-12 

Amnesty International 9-10 
Basketball 9-10 
Chorus 11-12 
French Club 10 
Gay Straight Alliance 9-1 1 
Literary Magazine 1 1 
SADD 11. 

My favorite memory is art room green table 

Quote:"Thou hast great allies; they friends 
are exultations, agonies and love, and man's 
unconquerable mind." 

-Toussaint L'Ouverture 

Kristine Reyna 

Mentor in Violence Prevention (MVP) 
National Honor Society 
Varsity Cheerleading 
Class Council 
Senior Video 

My favorite memoires are junior Prom. We 
all had so much fun together. Our class was 

Quote:"Don't ever let somebody tell you that 
you can't do something. You have a dream, 
you have to protect it. People can't do 
something themselves, they want to tell you 
that you can't do it. If you want something, 
go get it. Period"- 
-Will Smith (Pursuit of Happiness ) 

Julian Rogers-Lindsay 

Gregory Sances 


Class of 2008 

Benjamin Smith 

"Big Ben" "Benny" "Benji" 
eshman Baseball 
eshman Basketball 
' Baseball 
' Basketball 
irsitv Basketball. 

>\ favorite memories are beginning of 
eshman year, the Red Sox won the World 
iries. and 3 months later the Patriots won 
;ir 3rd Superbowl! Then, the Red Sox won 
other World Series 2007. Now. the Pats 
_- sonna win again too! Too many others to 

jote:"Chill" "My interest is in the future 
cause I am going to spend the rest of my 
: there". ..deep 

Rayna Snape 

"Ray Ray" 


y favorite memories are making new 
ends through the school years. 

iote:"The past cannot be changed but 
future is yet in your power." 
- Mary Pichford 

Fiex Thevenin 

Soccer: 10, 1 1 
African American Club: 10 
Track: 10 
Tennis :10 

My favorite memories are 10th grade. 
Rally of '07 & '05. Biology class 
(Sophomore year) Everything! 

Quote: "Live today, cause tomorrow 
you never know." "Why have the cake 
with the sweet frosting." "There can 
only be one me." "Everything will fall 
into place in due time." 

Jessica Thompson 

Dance Team 11,12 
Basketball 9 
Accapela 12 
Powderpuff 11,12 

My favorite memories are junior Prom- 
nobody was divided and everybody 
was just dancing and having fun. 

Quote: "A smile is the prettiest thing 
you can ever wear." -Unknown 

Mikhail Sooknanan 

VP 10 
ian Club 1 1 
restling team 12 
er Mediation. 

favorite memories are senior Freak Week 
i Rally. Meeting Michelle Leung in 

mistry class. 

iote:"There is no success with failure, no 
jpiness with sadness. Life is short so live 
o the fullest, and that's the way the cookie 

-Mikhail Sooknanan 

Chelsie Strode 


hool Newspaper 
nior Video 

y favorite memory is everything from 
nior year. 

iote:"Be yourself. No one can ever 
1 you you're doing it wrong." 

-James Leo Herliny 

Jimmy Trinh 

Environmental Club 10, 11,12- Co- 
President ■ 
Drama Club: 11, 12 
Asian Club: 10. 11. 12- Officer 11 
Peer Leaders: 12 

My favorite memories are dramafest 
2007 and winning the last comic 
standing Sophomore year. 

Quote: "I can accept failure, but I can't 
accept not trying." -Michael Jordan 

Manuel Veisa 

Spanish Club 

Environmental Club 
Peer Leadership 

Favorite Memory: Winning my 1st soccer 
game in 3 years. 

Quote: " Fate feels the intangible, sees the 
invisible, and achieves the impossible." 

Class of 2008 

James Versiackas 

Fiona Won 

Clubs: Asian Club 9- 10. Habitat tor 
Humanities 9-11. Swim Team 9-11. 
Gymnastics Team 10. ART 9-10. 
Student Council 9-10. Class Cou 

Favorite Memory: \1> whole high 
school experience. 

Quote: "We're the best at being the 
worst." "Love conquers all. but in 
order to love someone else you minlf 
learn to love yourself. Live Laugh. 

Aveline Villaneuva 


Quote:'Tm hungry" "I live to love" 

Beverly Wooten 

Randy Weiner 

Varsity Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12 
Varsity Soccer 1 1 
Varsity Golf 9. 10 
Basketball 9 
Student Council 11, 12 
SADD 1 1 
MVP 11. 12 

My favorite memory is doing the 
McDonalds rap at the 2007 Rally. 

Quotef'Old DallaS Baby" 
bv Old Dal'laS 

Brandon Wright 

Me' Lisa Williams 

Eva Wu 

Environmental Club 
S\\ im Team 
Tennis Team 
Cross Country 
Drama Club. 

My favorite memory is my freshman 
year. Swim Team. 

Quote: "Once the game is over, the kinj 
and the pawn go back into the back. 
-Italian Proverb 


Class of 2008 

Huiston Wu 

vim Team 9-12 
ath Team 1 1-12 
nnis Team 10-12 
oss Country 11-12 
;ian Club 9-11 
lama Club 9-10 
.itional Honor Society 1 1-12. 
vironmental Club 9- 1 1 . Jazz Band 11-12. 
y favorite memories are 1st win ever in 
igles against Silverlake. Tennis season '07. 
;st Asian night freshman year '05. Band, 
flags trip freshman year '05. 2nd place in 
i()m relay in sectionals at MIT swim season 

liote:"Only the dead have the right to regret, 
here is only one success-to be able to spend 
p in your own way." 

Michael Yee 

pss Country 11-12 

vironmental Club 9-10 
ith Team 9 
innis 11-12. 

favorite memories are freak Week and 
hior Rally. Getting Varsity letters for 
pss Country and Tennis-the first year I 
rticipated. Winning second doubles in 
rsity match against Silver Lake. 

ote:"Where the spirit does not work with 
hand, there is no art." 

-Leonardo Da Vinci 

Missing Devils 

aulino Afonso-Miranda 
iabriel Albisu 
eremy Aryee 
saiah Ashford 
\ntony Atkinson 
\ndy Au 
-ouis Azor 
Hans Bastien 
tose-Carline Belizaire 
ievin Brennan 
Srittany Capers 
oshua Cenat 
.afield Centeio 
ovanica Champagne 
Mine Cortez 
Vincent Datri 
rung Diec 

Brittany Depina 
Wilbens Duguaran 
Samuel Dumornay 
Bryant Fair 
Julie Felix 

Francisca Fernandes 
Nathaniel Furman 
Elliott Gardner 
Matthew Gaumont 
Ezequiel Gomez 
Kiara Gonzalez 
Carrington Guillaume 
Sarah Haffner 
Brian Haire 
Brian Harrison 
Peters Jerome 
Renea Johnson 

Luther Joseney 
Garvel Joseph 
Marcia Joseph 
Christopher Karakostas 
Joseph Kyer 
Derek Leite 
William Lemieux 
Nicole Liranzo 
Michael Lokeman 
Soumey Lor 
Andy Lovinsky 
Tahisha Mathieu 
John McNeil 
Joseph Murat 
Chaz Pabon 
Shawn Peters 

Jose Pierre 
Philip Price 
Travis Ricciarelli 
Vanessa Saint Fleur 
Kapriskie Seide 
Jasmine Sumrall 
Farah Thelusma 
Jared Thomas 
Amy Tran 
Dave Virgile 
Alpha Wurie 

Scene Selection 

Frestonen Year 

Sophomore Year 

Junior Year 

Senior Year 




^^ ^^5ft. 

: ' 

^^^^^^9 ^. k 


Rally ! 


^ 1 ^k £jW 

•4 r* v 


^M^2 ^i*^ ''b P% 

- £ J 

ITfi P'TT^' 

if,-* ■ * » 

i i 

I r 


Wow! You all 

look so 






Junior Rally ! 


Semi 07' 



- ■ -. -4 




Rally '08 

t t t 


'?% i 

r 1 



.-!^ 'ii 

<^sJmi OS 






Luther Joseney & 
Katasi KajubF 

Anthony Jones s 
Chakela Crawford 

Worst Case of 



Richard Nwaobasi & 
Shelby Freeman 

Ken Gomes & 
Darfelle Grossman 


Loudest j rfc k Ouaebesi 

Jose Mendes £ 
Jonalyn Bradshaw 

Joey Kyer £ Rachael 



Rex Thevenfn & 
Rona Wong 

Marcus Amilcar & 

Shauna Bowden 





Max Dolgfn & 
Michelle Byron 

Rob Israel & 
Alyson Lai 

Lufc Murillo £ 
Aveline Villanueva 

Sean Every £ 
Jamie El Saieh 





Chaz Pabon & 
Stephanie Polynfce 

John Brophy & 
Meg Haheoj 




Michael Yee a 
Vicky Rateau 

Louis Blooms 
Alexia Cree Bates 






Randy Weiner e 
AsNey Lindsay 

Greg Murphy S 
Nguyen Pham 





Chiek AAarcellus & 
Lisa Af onso 


Tuan Nguyen & 
Jen Nguyen 

Most AAA Aflosfc Likely 
AtNetic AAA to Succeed 

Manuel Vefga & 
Catherine Morrill 

Eric Kanopkfn & 
JesQi Rxsen 

Wisest ^^^ Friendliest 

1 1 U ^-^ " 1 J 



Mr. Kaplan & 
Mrs. Beagan 

Mr. Adeyemf & 
Mrs. O'Men 

Punnfest irk* 

Down to 

Mr. Mahoney S 
Ms. Colburn 

AAr. 9urke a 
Ms. Stadfeld 





-■H " " 

llfl ^^tfl^A. fli 

^^^h ^B ^^^H ^^^^ 




Mr. Young & 
Ms. Peno 

Mr. Cotton & 
AAs. Francher KellGy 









^ / .a aBB^^^ 

I 4.. J< 




Varsity Football 


Andrew Allien 

Edberg Andre 

Mike Collins 

David Desir 

Samuel Dumornay 

Le Huynh 

Michael Irby 

Sonny Liang 

Patrick McCorry 

John McNeil 

Dave Virgile 



Edberg Andre 
Mike Collins 
David Desir 

Boys Varsity Soccer 


Marcus Amilcar 
Rob Israel 

Carl Jean-Louis 
Peters Jerome 
Manuel Veiga 



" •■ 7 



Marcus Amilcar 

Rob Israel 

Godfred Mbengam 

Manuel Veiga 

Girls Varsity Soccer 


Alicia Brand 

Kamilah Land 

Allison Levesque 

Catherine Morrill 

Nguyen Pham 



Allison Levesque 
Catherine Morrill 



Louis Bloom 

Sean Every 

Monique Foster 

Ken Gomes 

Winifred Gong 

Eric Kanopkin 

Matthew McLeod 

Huiston Wu 

Eva Wu 
Michael Yee 


• ~ 

Boys Varsity Basketball 


Manuel Veiga 

Luis Murillo 

John McNeil 

Eric Onyechefule 

Carrington Guillaume 

Max Dolgin 

Luther Joseney 


1 1 1 

1.' "ff!M J9 'lUfll" " f 


r if 1 ^ 

^^B "^H *^T ^^^H> 


Max Dolgin 
Carrington Guillaume 


Girls Varsity Basketball 


Catherine Morrill 

Shanna Miller 

Meg Hahesy 

Kamilah Land 


Varsity Track 



Louis Bloom 
Cachet Chesson 

Sean Every 

Micheal Irby 
Keisha Johnson 

Nathan Green 




M^ j^.^1 


■^ J 

1 fllllll 

i & I iS»»»' 

' 1 SB 


Keisha Johnson 
Gerard McDonald 

Louis Bloom 
Cachet Chesson 




Varsity Swim Team 

V -- / 

SHl £jl &/■ 

illllDi i2 In / k 


^A|^ V.\^^i ' Z^^^^ 

Uf 'Wl 

K ^. 

■ I ' / ' 7 l 1 if 

^ 1 1« i ay 

hi F^y rrn 



Rachael Benson 

Norbert Chu 

Monique Foster 

Darielle Grossman 

Huiston Wu 

Eva Wu 

Alyson Lai 

Angela Oj astro 


Rachael Benson Huiston Wu 

Eva Wu Norbert Chu 

Darielle Grossman 

Varsity Wrestling Team 


Mark Chandoo 
Mike Collins 
Tuan Nguyen 



Mark Chandoo 
Mike Collins 
Tuan Nguyen 


Varsity Cheerleading 


Shauna Bowden- 


Alyson Lai 

Pamela Migalska 

Sasiya Neal 

Devaki Perryman 

Stephanie Polynice 

Kristine Reyna 


Sasiya Neal 

Stephanie Polynice 

Kristine Reyna 


Fall Patriot League 
All Stars 

Boys Soccer 
Marcus Amilcar 
Rob Israel 
Junior Veiga 

Girls Soccer 

Shannon Rhinehart 
Catherine Morrill 

B&G Cross Country 
Gerard McDonald 

Winter Patriot League 
All Stars 

Boys Basketball 
Max Dolgin 

Indoor Track 
Cachet Chesson 
Keisha Johnson 
Starr Nathan 
Godfred Mbengum 
Gerald McDonald 

Boys Swimming 
Huiston Wu 

Patriot League School Athlete 

Keisha Johnson 
Louis Bloom 


NHS Members 
Class of 2008 

Jessica Baldeck 

Louis Bloom 

John Brophy 

Tahina Chery 

Norbert Chu 

Jessica Fixsen 

Darielle Grossman 

Keisha Johnson 

Eric Kanopkin 

Kamilah Land 

Soumey Lor 

Kelly Martin 

Ankita Mehta 

Pamela Migalska 

Gregory Murphy 

Avani Patel 
Kristine Reyna 

Huiston Wu 

Mark Chandoo 

Robert Israel 

Ashley Lindsay 

Kapriskie Seide 


& Administration 


Dr. Richard H. Silverman Superintendent 

Principal Mr. William T. Conard 


Vice Principals... 

Mrs. Frankie Powers 

ESS i* a lounus 
a destination 

Wanda Speede 

Assistant Principal 
Student Life 

Guidance Staff 

Cindy TkCosca 

Assistant Principal 
Teaching 6c Learning 

Office Staff 

Ms.Tammy Benson St 
Ms. Gloria Sullivan 


You are the maps to our journey." 

Adeyemi, Isaac Beagan. Christine Bellistri. Dan Bradbury, Virginia Burke. Jeff 

Burke, Karen 

Butler, Daniel Cobbett, Timothy Colburn, Beth Cotton. Joe Cribby. Jennifer Delvecchio. Steve 

El Khoury. Sandra Ellis, Mary Ann Fancher-Kelley. Kim Goitia. Erin Gusciora. Kathy Harrington, Ann 

Hogan, Barbara Holmes. Kate Hood. Gregory Kaplan. Paul Khosla. Lynn Kiley. Kathy 


Kingston, Kathy Kunkel. Angela 

"To teach is to learn twice. 

Lane, Gretchen LeClair, Steve Leonard, Patrick Lidano, Karen 

Lolli, Janice Mahoney, Elizabeth 

Mahoney, Kevin Marsigliano, HuiNing Morgan, Debbie Morreale, Frank Nalbandian, Berta Nerboso, Nick 

0"Neil, Regina 

Peno, Jesse Peno, Megan Pierre-Louis, Woodly Pillarella, Bob Rea, Kathleen 

Rego, Sara Resendes, Karen Richard, Karen Rigalr, Alexia 

Rosen, Mona 

Sayer, Jim 

Simes, Allison Sinclair, Pat 


The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. 

Soufy, Dot Stadfeld, Elaine 

Sullivan, Laura 

Sung, Anita Tavares. Matthew 

Weiand. Ed 

^ ,J J — 

r*3k «I 


f^r i^^% 

L J %^^-a^.- _.< 


M 1^. 1- «» 1 





Mary Brown-Jones 
Joanne Foley 

Tiv Hok 
Julia Rogozin 


Custodial Staff 

"A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher awakens your own 


Weisberg, Toby Wheeler, Jim 

Young, Russell 

Gioni, Natalia Gaynor, Michael Carvey, Jackie 

Day Care 

Lunch Crew 



Diane Murphy & 
Anne Thie 


Dawn Folan & 
Cheryl Parsons 

School Officer 

Officer Gabe 

Grade 9 Dean of Students/ 
Athletic Director 
Rob Wargo 


Director of Math 

Annette Dimascio 

Trish O'Meara 

Director of Humanities 
Karen Brodeur 


Director of ELL/ Foreign 


Sandra McFadden 

Marie Owens 

Photos Not Available 

Michael Cahill 
Patricia Casey 
Mark Guzman 
Megan Haskell 
Kraig Kupiec 

Marisol Rios 

Prisca Rodriguez 

Eileen Vlieger 

Matt Young 



rsK - 



Literary Club 





Junior Class 

• 2k* t S 


^^^^B ^^T^^^s3 


To all the local businesses that have given support 
to our yearbook and school, thank you. Your 
generosity continues a tradition of community 
support that reaches far beyond this yearbook. 

Sincere Thanks, 
The Yearbook Staff 


Book Stop 

Today's Hooks at 
Yesterday's Prices 

322 North Main Street 
Sudbury Farms I'laza 
Randolph. MA 02368 












Gift Certificates, Special Orders, 
Children's Books and more... 


Randolph Eye Associates, Inc. 

Dr. Donald M. Cline Dr. Lisa L. Rubin 
Dr. Dale D. Morris 

Doctors of Optometry 




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781 986 5200 

Fax 781 986 5201 




745 Boylston Street, Suite 400, Boston, MA 021 
t (617) 226-3300 - f (617) 226-3325 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the Class of 2008 

from the Friends of the Turner 

Free Library 




vvesl c WLsAe& to/ 
nzmdalpA SKicdv Schools 
^taduaUn^/ c €iciss/af2008 






MON-SAT: 11:30 5:1X1 I'M 
$7.95 FOR \IHII l> 

uu ;< .1 -I i lll\l -I Rl -i \i ir wi i\ 
m\i i\ i \k i oin m 1 1\ i in i \n kj\ 

IfttSOHTH \t\l\ -I 

: I'll. MA 02368 
1(1.. si 963-0661/0662 

WON -\l IMO \\H > \U 

-i iv i NYl i'\\-\\m\u .mi 

Planning iin event? 

Tor. . . 

graduation? (Birthday? Christening? (Bar <Mitzvah? (Bridal 'Shower? (Baby Shower? 

Christmas or New "Years? SociaC gathering? TamiCy (Reunion? Employee Appreciation 

(Day? Corporate Meeting? !Hbuse Warming? Or any special 'hoCiday or whatever that 

particular occasion may he? 
^ TRY LSI'.: 

*We can provide our services and ' f{tiowCedgea6Ce personnel 'for your function or catering 
needs. (Please as^a front des^emptoyee for a complete and detaiCed function menu. 











CLm of zoos i 

We are proud of all of your 
accomplishraents ! 

™ Sudbury Farms 

300 North Street, Randolph 



V \ I / 



* Sterling Silver * Diamond 

*10K&14KGold * Watch 

*18K&24KGold * Pearl & Jade 

All major credit card accepted 
'We do Cong and short term (ay a way with interest free 
31 Memorial Pkwy. Mon.-Sat.: 10am-7pm 

Randolph, MA02368 

Congratulations Class of 

Advance /AT 

Auto Parts I*** 

We're ready in Advance. 

Laurie Shea 

Store Manager 

330 C N Mam St 
Randolph. MA 02368-4102 
Tel 781-961-1956 

45 Diautn Dnvc 
Randolph. MA 02 lf>8 


Christina Mooney 

Chief Executive Officer 

Phone: 7XI-96I-24I7 

lax 781-9X6-6467 

e-mail: tinamC^rahleu org 


A <^^ MILS a TfiN 

A/fc Complete WdiCCare c£ Tanning 

^~J*f Located at Skaw's Randolph Shopping Center 

/ \ V^ • Full Set * Refill 

* Manicure & Pedicure 
781-961-VIVI • Foot Spa Massage 

78 1-96 1 -8484 • Hand Design 

Moo -Sat 9am-7 30pm Gift Certificates Available 
Sunday: lOam-Spm All Major Credit Cards Accepted 
19 Memorial Pkwy., Randolph, MA 02368 

Congratulations Class of 

PrioriTyD Physical Therapy, Inc 

"Quality patient care is PrioriTy 1" 
www.prioritylpt. com 

Congratulations Class of 

1183 North Main Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Toll Free: (866) 986-0500 

Phone: (781) 986-0500 

Fax: (781) 986-5151 


215-217 N. Main Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 

For All Your 
Printing Needs 

Scott G. Roberts 

Production Manager 

Tel. (781)963-2250 




A\ An Albertson's Company 

Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. 
121 Memorial Parkway • Randolph. MA 02368 

Congratulations c/o 

Randolph. A2a/& 

1 1 75 North Main Street 
Randolph, MA 02368 

(7S1) 963-5454 

gift Certificates Avaifa 6 fe 
Mon.-Sat.: 10am-7pm Walk-ins Welcome 

dona latulaiionA, Clan, of 20081 














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